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Fire Test Results

Evaluation of NFPA 2001 Clean Agents for suppressing Class "C" Electrical continuously energized fires.


The environmentally stable and sustainable clean extinguishing agent is used in our line of fire protection systems internationally.


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The MODPRO Group has been dedicated in presenting the efficient and adaptable Modular fire containment system. Our system has been proven, enabling our Modular product clients to easily stay ahead of continuing change in fire protection. Take a look around our site, and see The MODPRO Services and Solutions!
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MODPRO invested resources for the testing development and approval of the environmentally ‘forward-thinking’ clean extinguishing agent for fire suppression applications. We promote International standards and treaties through our environmentally stable and sustainable line of fire protection systems, worldwide.

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The MODULAR Fire Suppression Systems are designed to your business-specific hazard, space restrictions, and contents. The evaluation and design recommendation is primary. The pre-engineered, pre-fabicated “Unit” system design, for your mission critical equipment, data, media, documents, and back up storage. Continue reading

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Welcome to the END USER Source for the Modular Clean Extinguishing Agent fire suppression Unit, available for your direct purchase, and delivered to your site fully assembled and ready to integrate with your currently operating Energized Communications Equipment and Data Rooms.

Welcome TURN-KEY Providers to the pre-manufactured Modular fire suppression system that meets your End-User’s specifications, and is standardized for repeat or multi sites. The Modular system saves installation cost and time.

Welcome to ALL who look for the User-friendly Clean Agent fire system that has the design compatibility with the site application, Modular adaptability thereafter, and designed with the suppression agent that is the safest, proactive, approved, and stable solution.

Thank You ! The MODPRO Group is the source of the Modular solutions.


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